At Kira-Tech safety is a key. Safety is a natural part of our everyday lives and a part of us. Safety has for many years been incorporated through our many hours on Offshore platforms, ships, rigs and work in the Maritime industry. Therefore, we have experience in safety working with; Permits, TBT, SJA, Risk Assessments, Barriers, Isolation and PPE mm.

At Kira-Tech we prioritise a good, safe working environment wherever we go. We respect and adhere to any applicable rules and guidelines at the workplaces where we are. Before beginning a task we assess any risks in order to ensure that the necessary safety measures are taken.

Kira-Tech always carries out a thorough induction with all employees in the companys rules and guidelines, in particular security, so that we can ensure that they comply and live by the values Kira- Tech represents; "Think Smart Think Safe".

We are always working to improve ourselves, and we strive to be among the best.